Phi-Tek was founded in 2001-2010 for the Research and Development of Advanced Cosmic Technologies supporting the Balance of Nature’s Life-Force and the Earth’s Biosphere. Synthesized Lemurian-Atlantian Technologies utilize krystals with advanced materials and Cosmic Principals for multiple applications which function for hundreds to thousands of years.

Longititudinal-Scalar-Wave engineering applications achieve the “SCIENCE” from fiction as the ancient Goddess Principals of “ISIS” . . . Isomorphic Scalar Induced Static and “LAKSHMI” . . . Longitudinal Arrays of Krystik Scalars Harmonize Morphogenic Induction applications include Time-Reverse field inducers for individual and regional coverage neutralizing: Radiation, Atmospheric Pollution, and EMFs; Quantum-feild Frequency Capacitors; Scalar-Dielectric-Magnetics for Anti-gravitity control & propulsion; as well as various applications for direct Quantum flux transduction for power and krystalline wireless electricity.

Shamanic by nature . . . the cosmic engineering science is the Planck’s Constant or universal law of the golden mean of  phi . . . Φ. . . or 1 : 1.618 0339 88749 894848 204586834

. . . The Golden Ratio . . .  is The Universal Creative Fingerprint through all scale of densities and dimensions. Phi is Nature’s key for the collapsing and expanding of patterns coding from the Æether or Zero-Point Quantum Flux Field into the material universe. Phi is naturally encoded in the expression of  galaxy spirals as well as the ratio of the double helix genetic sequencing DNA nucleotides.  Φ unlocks scalar wave forms from the zero-point Æther-Quantum flux field through dielectric-magnetics expressing Cosmic Sentience in applications of Ancient re-emerging Technologies.