About Phi-Tek

PHI-TEK, LLC. was founded by Benjamin-Jaymz :Hu’bbard on August 10, 2010 after a decade of informal research to acknowledge the Research and Development of Ancient Cosmic Science and modern Science materials for Synthesis into the new millennia.

Mission Statement

Phi-Tek’s mission is to create, engineer and release Sustainable Technologies that have lifespans of millennia which are 100% coherent with the Earth’s Organic Life Process of Nature and Human Symbosis.

Phi-Tek’s research and development of cosmological science technologies includes principals of and application of the aetheric and elemental dynamics or the aetheric quantum source field and its associative properties in the elementals.

Phi-Tek’s emphasis is directed towards developing technology with unlimited lifespans for total sustainability of planetary resources. In other words technology which is harmonious with the bio and electromagnetic fields of the living organisms of life.

Creating Functional Art to Balance Modern Technology with Nature

Modern Science is slowly accepting the principals of Ancient Cosmic Science and laws of Sacred Geometry as the foundational Vibration of the living universe.

Modern Research reveals the intrinsic nature of the cosmological power of nature through HARMONIC VIBRATIONS of FRACTALS and the infinite connectivity of the whole as all aspects as revealed through CYMATICS. Observing such forces and applying them to better the experience of living by supporting the reflection of distinguishable association with the primal power of such; the energy field of infinite associative awareness reveals the wisdom and knowledge of all things.

The art of relating as a species to sustain itself by conservation of energy through the application of subtle energy leads to knowledge of balance,leading to growth to that supersedes density of relationships by awareness. Music, Mathematics, and Geometry of sacred proportions being the associative keys in the wave-form mechanics of nature and the cosmic creator to reveal itself.

Phi-Tek strives to create sustainable technology through such principals by the apply the practice of ART as LIFE along with the invisible frequencies of light and sound which lie hidden within the primary electromagnetic elements of nature created from the ÆTHER – quantum level of the universe.


Benjamin-Jaymz Hu’bbard

Founder,  Creative Visionary and Engineer

Benjamin-Jaymz :Hu’bbard is the founder, researcher, engineer and designer at Phi-Tek, LLC. Inspiration and projects include such topics as  in Negentropy HHO Electrolytic Capacitors, Magnetism, Gravity, Anti-Gravity, Electricity, Cosmic mechanics by Sacred Geometry, Waves, Water as the cosmic key to Aether energy, Ancient Science of the Egyptians, Mayans and more.

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