Tesla Radiant Energy Patent

Nikola Tesla’s 1901 Radiant Energy Patent

Nikola Tesla invented the modern age, patenting every form of modern technology or it’s conception as it’s basis for today. Many inventions attributed to others were first developed by Tesla. Marconi’s admitted to using Tesla’s earlier patented work for research and his 1894 “Shadow Graphs” that predated Wilhelm Roentgen X-Rays* in 1895. He publicly stated his conception of the internet and Television as he was the first to invent wireless remote control before 1900. He invented fluorescent bulbs in his lab some 40 years before industry “invented” them; Robotics, Electric motors, Wireless electricity, Toaster coils, Lasers, practically everything the world uses today he had a hand in it at some time, as he is the “Father“ of alternating electrical current**. The historical conspiracy against his name and fortune involves multiple laboratory fires and corporate financial theft as well as Hollywood’s smear of him as the Mad-Scientist in Frankenstein.

But today, lets honor his “universal” hope for humanity and explore his science including his practical engineering of “free energy”.

Tesla’s 1901 patent for the “Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy” includes four designs, but lets keep it simple and focus on the top one.



Ok, so what does that mean? I am not laboring into a long analysis of the general Electro-Magnetism or the Elites-Academia’s use of Oliver Heaviside to negate Maxwell’s Equations, that’s another article, but Tesla and Maxwell got it right simply because they weren’t in it for the fame or money.

Tesla’s Radiant energy is simple utilization of charge from one density to another. For example a change of temperature is a change in density. “Aether”-static or Quantum-Vacuum Flux is non-electromagnetic, non-polarized waves that condense to form atoms and molecules of electro-magnetic charge. Radiant cosmic rays are everywhere. Tesla visited Heinrich Hertz and revealed to him the errors of his experimentations. Although Hertz quickly agreed with Tesla, he like Einstein and Heaviside were used to alter the narrative of physics in order to further the interest of control by the industrialist and their thirst for power.


Tesla’s Radiant-longitudinal-scalar energy waves are shown above and again below in different formats as both are correct, sort of. All matter is electromagnetic, created by subtle waves/particles in the Scalar-domain static of Aether or the Quantum Vacuum Flux.


Imagine a compass. The north/south axis is the electric wave or frequency and the east/west axis the magnetic wave or frequency. Hertz accounted for only 2 waves at 90*, the electromagnetic signature. Tesla’s longitudinal wave set totals 4 at 90* to each other along the circle of rotation. 4 waves of 2 electric and 2 magnetic, opposite in charge rotation. *Newton’s 3rd law of equal and opposite energy-action. All charge is equalled by it’s opposite polarity, i.e. positive and negative, as both are present and acting. Longitudinal waves are really 8 not 4 as phase conjugation keeps balance in Newton’s third law revealing the second set rotating in the opposite direction of spin! Tesla’s Scalar-Aether Static via his longitudinal wave is the calculation of magnetic and electric waves as separate forces and the compression upon each other creates “Einstein’s spooky action at a distance”.

All waves rotate: light, electricity, planets through space, and water down the drain, is where Einstein missed the boat, failing to see the obvious and calculate for rotational spin in his “Special Relativity”.

Tesla’s Radiant apparatus is a simple plate of paramagnetic element like copper which has no magnetic charge for a magnet to connect with, but once an electric charge is applied it generates a magnetic field.

The infinite amount of cosmic ray frequencies bouncing around the universe excite the surface charge “Static” which is then active charge along an electric circuit or wire. The negative earth battery is attracted to the “positive” air and connected by a wire with a capacitor which stores the charge flux, collecting the EM induction and we have “Free Energy”. The simple trick as Lt. Colonel(Rt.) Tom Bearden points out is to not “short” the primary source of the two plates and allow inductance to be collected and perform the “energy of work”.

I hope that brings a smile and warmth to your heart as Tesla truly is the Father of the modern age. For more information of various applications of Scalar-waves, Longitudinal-waves, Zero-point electromagnetism, and Aetheric or Quantum-Vacuum Flux technologies, look at our products.

written by Benjamin-Jaymz :Hu’bbard




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