DC-AC  Harmonic  Ground  Coil

The DC-AC Harmonic Ground Coil establishes a true ground for OFF-GRID SOLAR SYSTEMS – INVERTER’S of DC to AC increasing efficiency by 2/3 rd.

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Ma’at Ka Re

The Ma’atKaRe is cosmic technology designed principally by the Cosmic Laws of Nature utilizing a phi-ratio phase-conjugate scalar-longitudinal wave metric to reset the principal quantum and Aetheric morphogenetic wave fields for the Elements of Nature through zero-point electromagnetic flux oscillations essentially reversing the decaying rotation into negentropy, creating balance in a radius of six miles.

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DJed  Pillar

The DJed Pillar longitudinal-scalar antenna oscillates through 6 Billion Quartz and Rare-Earth Mono-Atomic elemental frequencies by the Quantum-Vacuum Flux or Zero-point Electric & Magnetic waves to transmute and neutralize Radiation, EMFs, and Atmospheric pollution while resetting the Aetheric Vibrational Template of the elements of life . . . restoring Balance to the environment for a radius of 18+ miles or 650+ miles when three are triangulated.

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 The Ma’atKaRe and DJed Pillar

  • Neutralizes  Fukushima  RADIATION

  • Neutralizes  Harmful  EMFs  &  Bio-Resonant  MICROWAVES

  • Neutralizes  Atmospheric  Pollutions  &  CHEMTRAILS

  • Harmonizes  the  Elements  directly  from  the  Æther   – Quantum  Vacuum  Flux

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