The DC-AC  HARMONIC  GROUND  COIL is used mainly in OFF-GRID SOLAR SYSTEMS to support the electrical inversion process by the INVERTER of Direct Current to Alternating Current.

Wether your inverter is a modified or pure sine wave the relationship between the “Q-point” of the Direct Current path to the Alternating Current path is the greatest expenditure of wasted energy in the independent OFF-GRID Solar System or DC-AC INVERSION PROCESS. An easy analogy is to visualize two people falling through the sky without training from seasoned sky divers. Each is un-familiar to the dynamics of motioning them-selves through space, and are attempting to “REACH” each other without a physical reference which is chaotic. It’s because the the Q-point or Direct Current reference is also in constant motion in it’s own relationship even before the A.C. wave is able to use it as a reference for path flow. Typically the initial surge of an A.C. load causes a spike of 4-5 the energy actually used to sustain the load, plus the energy loss due to wave distortion through resistance.  THE DC-AC HARMONIC COIL increases your systems energy efficiency by 2/3 rds.


Personal  Testimony


The first application of the DC-AC HARMONIC GROUND COIL came about in 2011, after several months of the Solar System I was using to run my small shop in Kalapana, Havvai’i where Pele’s “Blue Rock” usually causes the locals to fore-go the trouble of installing a ground rod. The system used a 1100Watt Inverter feed from 4 ROSS L16 Batteries to a power strip. My shop was 200’ away and was supplied by the first 100’ being a 14 AWG extension cord that connected to a 2nd 100’ 10 AWG extension cord. I had been running lights of course and as well the electronics of my 4’ x 8’ x 6”  CNC machine which used 3 STEP MOTORS with drivers powered the the POWER SUPPLY and the WINDOWS desktop computer to control the MACH3 CNC machine program. The spindle was a 2.75 hp  Porter Cable Router that when combined together with the others components totaled about 3250 WATTS of power.


For 5 months, until one fateful day in August, I had only powered the electronics and never used the porter cable router without a generator. The inverter habitually faulted about every 2 weeks or so and I was tired of walking back and forth to reset it. I was almost cursing the solar System installer who thought that a ground would attract lightening instead of realizing AC appliances can ARC to ground through the one suing them when they short, so he thought it unnecessary. I stopped everything to put down a ground rod(sharpened with grinder to a bullet point) about 4’ through some of the hardest rock on planet earth, driven by a 5 pound sledge hammer. Then based upon my research of Walter Russell and Nikola Tesla, I wound a coil with a specific frequency or number of winding turns onto the ground rod and connected it to the 1100 Watt hi-frequency inverter.


On my 200’ journey back to my shop, I had a moment of intuitive inspiration and upon entering the shop saved all of my current files on the windows system in case of sudden power failure by the inverter faulting from trying to run beyond it means. Turning on the switch to the power supply for the 3 steeper motors and their drivers, I walked over to the Porter Cable Router and lift the switch to find to my great EUPHORIA and DELIGHT as the motor powered up, along with THE WHOLE SYSTEM OF 3250 WATTS running over 200’ and by an inverter limited to run only hi-frequency electronics, NOT LOW FREQUENCY MOTORS, that was limited to output 1100 WATTS.


Smart  Meters


Subsequent research has led to the various applications of the coil to include grounding the RADIO frequency output of SMART METERS and thus minimizing exposure to Microwaves frequencies which cause neurological damage to the human brain. I did this for a friend back in 2014 in the hill country of Hays  County, Texas in a house that was wired in the 1950’s without a ground wire throughout the system. Upon entering the house and especially the room which had the meter attached to the opposite side of the wall, one would become dizzy, feel nausea, experience headache and/or the need to lye down, almost immediately. After implementing the DC-AC HARMONIC GROUND COIL with copper wire that corresponds to the the microwave frequency band, being in the room was without any difficulty and nearly almost without any sensation of the SMART METER RADIO frequencies being active.



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