DJed Pillar Scalar-Wave Antenna

DJed Pillar
Scalar Antenna

DJed Pillar longitudinal-scalar antenna oscillates through 6 Trillion  Quartz and Rare-Earth Mono-Atomic elemental frequencies by the Quantum-Vacuum Flux or Zero-point Electric & Magnetic waves to transmute and neutralize Radiation, EMFs, and Atmospheric pollution while resetting the Aetheric Vibrational Template of the elements of life . . . restoring Balance to the environment for a radius of 18+ miles or 650+ miles when 3 are triangulated.

The Ancient Egyptians understanding of physics and cosmological science was perfectly mathematically engineered literally into their very architecture and technology, thus to mirror the living nature of the cosmos. They perceived the relationship of organic life as being synonymous to the activity of the stars and galaxies, that the heavens directly reflected and was encoded physically into the nature of organic life experience. It is with this understanding, that they recognized the human sacrum and the lumbar vertebrae above it as a source of power and principle of “STABILITY”, a divine code of design or DJed. As well they referred to the DJed as a source of electrical power transmission for electrical applications and so the name of pillars within the temples . . . for the Balance of the 4 elements and cosmological worlds.





The Modern DJed Pillar was revived in the weeks following the 2011 Fukushima Radiation event in a time that needed the Ancients wisdom and knowledge to support Nature in it’s work of balance. It is a Transmutation device for the basic Elements and the key Wave Geometry Signatures as Walter Russell outlined the ongoing change of Nature’s Elements from one form to another. The DJed restores Balance to the “Force” at the subatomic level and neutralizes Radiation, Atmospheric Pollution and Chemtrails, Harmful EMFs to Human Bio-Resonance, and harmonizes the Elements of Nature’s Weather.

Atop the DJed are 4 Crystallinite Transmutation discs for atmospheric connection by 4 Torus Scalar-wave fields. The 4 Crystallinite Disc modulate the atmosphere by the same basic Crystalline Oscillators and Rare-Earth Mono-Atomic elements in the base array via a lattice of gilded copper tubing-plates inducing the 4 Torus scalar fields. The Quartz Crystal Oscillators and Rare-Earth Elements are vibrationally tuned through the Zero-point Quantum Vacuum Flux or the Aether.

The vertical range extends into space and the earth while the horizontal range is 18 miles+ and 650+ miles when 3 are triangulated.




The Base is engineered to induce Longitudinal-Scalar waves utilizing phase-conjugation of Sacred Geometrical proportions and the Phi ratio to access the Aetheric Quantum-Vacuum flux. Within the base are two Magnetic Quantum-Wave generators surrounded by 12+ crystal-quartz oscillators and Rare-Earth Mono-Atomic Elements, and 4 “Gold” Vortex circuits for hyper-dimensional connection oscillating through 6 Billion frequencies encased in resin to reset the encoding of vibrating atoms for 18+ miles. It weighs over 500 pounds and is directly linked into the earth’s crystalline scalar fields by three copper-steel rods, networked and modulation by the earth itself and other pillars at great distances.. The longitudinal-scalar access can directly modulate the very signature of the atoms themselves based upon the pure key signature of the elements from the Zero-point Vacuum domain. Transmutation is essentially how all elements vibrationally shift from one signature to another not unlike musically notes in scale and their harmonics. Scalars can act backwards or through a time reversal field to cancel the harmful effects of EMFs, Atmospheric pollution, and Radiation without negatively affecting current electronic technologies, as excessive harmful EM is effectively phase shifted out of our biological time domain.


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