Ma’atKaRe Scalar Harmonizer

Ma’atKaRe Scalar Harmonizer


The Ma’atKaRe Scalar Harmonizer utilizes phase-conjugate phi-ratio metrics powered by 17 quartz crystal oscillators, 4 rare-earth mono-atomic elements, and a SP-12  Hyper-Dimensional Vortex Gold circuit plate to induce a longitudinal-scalar wave which accesses the aetheric-quantum vacuum to transmutate Radiation and EMF decaying wave signatures of the Elements of life into negentropy coherent balance in a six mile torus field.

All matter is vibrational geometric waves or patterns. The key to life and physics is to understand the relationship between the geometric waves as they either multiply or divide into form and matter. Though not the first, Plato is widely recognized for his contribution of the knowledge that the basic elements are vibrating geometries known as the Five Platonic solids for the phi ratio building the universe.


Engineering a specific wave-form set either electrically or magnetically we are able to directly access the cause and effect relationship, and thereby become attuned to the mechanism of life creation. Next we begin to add and multiply to cause by further relationships (waves) of materials (patterns) or the elements themselves as key signature wave patterns. Gold, mono-atomic elements and quartz crystal oscillators are key waveforms for accessing the domain of time and space. Such applied materials offer pure patterns of coherence and refined quality similar to the quality of a tuned musical instrument.

Essentially the universe is built by the “Golden Mean” or PHI ratio:  1 : 1.618 0339 88749 894848 20458634 in scale relationship of the different geometrical wave patterns. Elemental “Gold” is fundamental as it’s atomic wave form is mostly phi ratio, which is the dodecahedron principal wave pattern of the Quantum Vacuum or Aether energy. DNA is phi-ratio in every respect.





Another key element of the universal creation is Quartz-Crystal. All electronics have crystal to transform electricity into electromagnetic waves for information transfer and storage. Crystal is mostly water or said another way, water solidified and water has now been proven by Dr. Gerald Pollack from the University of Washington to be a liquid Crystal. A proprietary formula of various Quartz frequency signatures are combined together to offer a net pallet of potential wave interactions to which the Ma’atKaRe utilizes for access through the phase-conjugate phi-ratio longitudinal-scalar oscillations of the Aetheric-Quantum magnetic flux around the mathematical Zero-point of negative and positive charge dynamics. Combined with the Mono-atomic elements and the SP-12, the Ma’atKaRe can harmonize 6 Billion scalar frequencies.


Walter Russell suggested that the like temperature the atomic weight of an element should also be measure vertically. As temperature changes according to the pressure and vacuum dynamics so does atomic mass or weight. It is this essential key that allows for the understanding of transmutation and key geometrical wave patterns to be adjusted or changed at a higher spin rate than the periodic table shows. Thus the alchemist used these harmonic acoustical vibrations with aether energy to “key” a different signature of an element such as lead into a different wave pattern such as gold. Gold being the divine (perfect from) element as it’s (non-electron) covalent bonding are actually waveforms of phi-ratio dodecahedral and icosahedral geometries.


The modern class of ORMUS or Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements quantify the Alchemist, as various elements have been spectro-graphically measure at higher elemental spin rates than was previously shown on the ”periodic” table, as the word implies, periodic means position of change. The Ma’atKaRe uses monoatomic elements that act as the vibrations highways for the Quantum-Aetheric Sea to channel from Zero-point to Electro-magnetic charge dynamics the key signatures of the 5 platonic solids. Once the basic Elemental Wave forms are reset and Balanced the entire coding of the morphogenetic life field becomes harmonized and the music of the life-spheres sounds beautiful again, even though we can’t hear it. The science of Cymatics proves that all of matter is vibrating wave forms, such as the two pictures show.



The final component within the Ma’atKaRe is the electronic circuit called the SP-12 that creates a actual hyper-dimensional vortex and is printed in 4 layers of gold. It is capable of processing over 6 million frequencies and as 12 gold plated N52 Neodymium magnets to power the circuitry, so it is always active even without additional electrical frequency input.



To summarize the Ma’atKaRe is cosmic technology designed principally by the Cosmic Laws of Nature utilizing a phi-ratio phase-conjugate scalar-longitudinal wave metric to reset the principal quantum and Aetheric morphogenetic wave fields for the Elements of Nature through zero-point electromagnetic flux oscillations essentially reversing the decaying rotation into negentropy, creating balance for a field radius of 3 miles and 6 miles in diameter.

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