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Modern physics is largely based upon “Theoretical” models and the masculine orientation of explosion dynamics, ignoring the “Implosive” feminine half of charge duality. The 19th century . . . James Clerk Maxwell(1831-1879)a Scottish mathematical physicist, diligently calculated over two hundred “quaternions”(mathematical equations in 4-line poetry style); mathematically described the dynamics of rotating fields, Electromagnetic fields and their expression beyond tensors and vectors; in his treatise: A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field, published in 1861-1862 ( Politics abound, the Power Elite’s control over the Academia Status Quo, endorsed Oliver Heaviside(a student of Maxwell’s), to skeletonize the equations of all but four of the quaternions; which also explains the field of Nikola Tesla’s Longitudinal Wave or Scalars of the Aether Field know today as the Quantum Vacuum Flux, acting between the Vectors and Tensors. Subsequent experimentation in the 1880’s proved Heaviside’s editing was incorrect. (

Thus, Scalar-Waves are the modulating vibrations of electric and magnetic between the Electro-Magnetic charges of the elements, plants, trees, mountains, and seas. The Elements themselves are vibrating Platonic fractal geometrical waves induced by the scalar waves imprint pattern from the Quantum Vacuum Flux or the Aether. The science of Cymatics reveals these principals. The patterns of spirals found in all of nature attest to the rotation of electro-magnetic fields and of the spin-charge which occurs like octaves on the musical scale which spirals, it’s interesting to note that Maxwell “wrote” his equations in musical poetic formulation.

Walter Russell the Polymath (May 19, 1871 – May 19, 1963, Natural Philosopher, Scientist, and Sculptor), revealed the key to creation is waves multiplying and dividing, expressing fusion and fission. Scalar Technology can be applied through specific geometry and materials and through phase conjugation to achieve the radiological transmutation of isotopes.









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