Benjamin-Jaymz :Hu’bbard

Benjamin-Jaymz Hu’bbard is the founder and the chief researcher, engineer, designer and creative visionary at Phi-Tek, LLC.

Benjamin began having Shamanic Visions at three years of age after three days of gazing into the Sun. His consciousness transcended the limited singular identity time of a boy as time and space became of eternity. He has studied Philosophy, Religion, Metaphysics, Psychology, Eastern Internal Martial & Healing Arts in an attempt to orientate his scope of understanding the invisible that is endless.

At 22 Benjamin experienced ELECTROCUTION SHOCK((killed) which initiated a different path of life for him as he had to completely dismantle his past and rebuild himself energetically at the same time. Several months later he accepted Shaktipat from Guru Maya of the Siddha Foundation. Two months after this initiation he entered into a mystical state for several weeks in the spring of 1998.

Pursuing the Eastern Taiji studies through Shen Men Tao and Aikido, Benjamin also studied the human electro-magnetic field and it’s energy-light body mechanics for a path of physical rehabilitation. The year 2000 brought intense meditative practice and the year thereafter Benjamin built his first atmospheric Scalar pillar based on Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Technology. The results were atmospheric access to weather modification manifesting as induced rainfall in central Texas and a Tornado that appeared above the pillar, but never touched down after being tracked on Hayes County radar for 20 miles.. In 2006 he began another study of subtle energy body integration while he began hearing about water fuel cells which could power motors of cars, trucks and tractors and a year later began direct research into those claims.

Benjamin founded Phi-Tek, LLC on August 10, 2010 after three years of research in Negentropy HHO Electrolytic Capacitors, for the further investigation and development of Cosmological Spiritual-Science. Benjamin’s ongoing research studies include, Magnetism, Gravity, Anti-Gravity, Electricity, Cosmic mechanics by sacred Geometry-Waves, Water as the cosmic key to Aether energy, Ancient Science of the Egyptians, Mayans and more. Astronomy, Quantum-physics and music are all related and the key to Mankind’s freedom is closer than most realize. Our species is awakening again and our science is completed by spiritual knowledge and Wisdom. Benjamin continues to learn and integrate in order to communicate the easiest path for awakening consciousness. Our technology must find balance with our Spirits and bio-energetic fields as Shamanic Technology in order for our human family to evolve with Mother Nature, and not separately from her. It is time we recognize our role in stewarding the biosphere as the earth’s children and honor our planet’s unique living life-force that supports our human species.

It is Benjamin’s life work to serve the environmental integrity of the Earth and humankind, by offering Shamanic living Technology for the Awakening of humanity and it’s continued evolution. 

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